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Beyond the Finish Line

What Happens when the Endorphins Fade

Olympic Medal
Power Pose London 2012 Olympics
Buntzen Lake Photos
Single Rowing Burnaby Lake
Post Race London 2012
Yoga with Leah
World Championships 2011
Team Huddle
Pre Olympic Photo Shoot
Laughs on the Dock
Training in Italy
Corgeno, Italy
Pre Race Meeting
Photo by Natalia Anja
Fur Babies
Outdoor Training
Speaking to Kids

I had a chance to talk with Jenn Swanson from the Authors of Influence Podcast and talk about my book Beyond the Finish Line: What Happens When the Endorphins Fade. 


I look back on the journey of writing this story and I have already gained immense perspective. Of course, I feel I could have said more....classic! I am happy that I started the conversation and I am happy that I did it. I have no regrets and I would definitely do it again!


The official launch was August 2nd 2016, which was the anniversary of our race at the London 2012 Olympic games. I truly appreciate all of the support and positive feedback I have received. Thank you! I will be keeping people posted as the journey of publishing unfolds, so stay tuned. 


For now, sit back and listen to a the podcast where I share a bit about how this story came to be.

Thank you for your continued support. It means the world. 



Are you an athlete transitioning from a career in sport and silently struggling along the way? Or perhaps you didn’t realize how you would feel when your athletic career ended and how difficult transitioning to life beyond would be.


You are not alone. Krista’s forthright tell-all of her journey to the 2012 Summer Olympic rowing podium, as well as what came after, will help you find closure and peace, as well as a safe place to relate, laugh, and reflect on the “what next?” after sport.


In sport, as in many other high-pressure niches, strength is an asset and discussion about weakness is not openly publicized. In telling her story Krista is unmasking the face of retirement from sport. You will find relief in realizing that representing something strongly doesn’t mean you always feel strong inside. Not only are admitting weakness and showing vulnerability encouraged by Krista, she will show you that sharing and uniting in struggle is actually part of the healing process.


Breaking the silence and candidly sharing her struggles, you will hear a relatable account of what happens emotionally and physically after your athletic career ends and be better prepared when it is your time. You will gain insight into the journey of chasing a dream and, more notably, perspective on the journey that commences when you retire and begin to navigate the world beyond full-time sports.

Authors of Influence Podcast - Krista Guloien interview by Jenn Swanson
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