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Join Us at 6pm On September 7th, 2024 For The Fundraiser Dinner

Register here to join us in celebration at the Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, B.C. This is going to be a beautiful, curated meal by one of the region’s best restaurants.

The Bearfoot Bistro | Sept. 7th, 2024

Join us for a 3 course dinner experience and add the Vodka bar for the premium experience.

Dining at the Bearfoot Bistro is more than a meal: It’s a culinary journey!


The food starts with the season–the bounty, the colours.  It’s the combination of a familiar flavour, with a new technique, a local ingredient given an international twist.

Grey Goose Ice Room Vodka Menu


The Bearfoot Bistro is home to the coldest vodka tasting room in the world. At -32C (-25F) the Ice Room provides the optimal environment for drinking this complex spirit. Sample a diverse selection of premium vodkas from across the globe, while learning how the grain, distillation and filtration processes combine to make each product unique.


Select Your Choice
Fundraiser Dinner With Grey Goose Ice Room | Bearfoot BistroCA$620
Fundraiser Dinner | Bearfoot BistroCA$500

YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

Thank you for your support.

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