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Cyber Court

It is not my intention to egg anyone on and or get involved in a whirlwind of drama by posting my previous post on Julie Miller, but I will always stand up for bullying and cyber terrorizing of others. I also strongly believe in fair play and I do not condone cheating in sport or anywhere in life.

If it were me in this cirmcumstance, I would speak directly to the analysis of the course cutting in Whistler and clear it up one way or the other. It is now my impression that MOST of the key players in the community are not intending for the additional cyber terror that is coming with it, but it is and it is not ok.

I have read way too much of the information posted online and it does pose obvious and valid questions and I will clarify that I am not blind to that. As one of my critics commented,

"You can leave up your defense of an obvious cheater if you would like, but the longer it remains, the more foolish you will look."

I still stand by my belief (however foolish anyone might think it is) that it was not Julie's intention to cut the course. She deserves to have the time to sort through the emotions of this disaster and decide how she wants to move forward. This has put not only her personal credibility in jeopardy, but also her family and their home life in their community, so it would not be that easy to slap up a post. My hope is that she can clear up what went on from her side and that she will be able to move forward and the cyber terror will end.

Knowing someone going through something like this is a humbling experience. We live in a day and age where it is possible to get multi tiered ramifications and punishments for our actions.

I will never regret standing up for a friend no matter what information anyone uncovers. I have reason to believe in the good in most people and in this case of Julie specifically.

Thank you for your respectful responses to my previous post.


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