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Transition From Sport: Strengths That Count


Since leaving a life in sport, I have spent a fair amount of time analyzing what transferrable skills I have obtained. Having spent 12 years building a career in a field that is quite un-relatable at times, it is important to be able to articulate and express the strengths and skills you obtained in your time as an athlete. I have found myself feeling defensive at times, but deep down I know what I am made of. A sport career is so much more than the activity itself. It is a life journey that truly tests your physical as well as spiritual side. Here is my list of 10 transferabble skills that can directly apply to success in "real" life.

  1. Ability to manage time – Able to balance a rigorous workload of full time athletics, travel, and school, family etc.

  2. Ability to work well with others – Focuses often on team effort toward group goals to the sacrifice of ego and personal goals, leading a team through group effort, building team sprit.

  3. Goal Oriented– Focused effort, sacrifice and self-motivation toward achieving personal and team goals.

  1. Competitive – Gains insight from winning and losing, testing abilities, taking risks, fighting battles.

  2. Confidence – Foundation of self-confidence through a winning mind set, belief in self and team, often in high-pressured situations.

  3. Persistence and enduring work ethic– Believes that hard work and determination will pay off, persisting under adverse circumstances and sometimes pain or illness.

  4. Committed – Dedicated effort to practice, work hard and give maximum effort. Adhering to rules and guidelines, prioritizing tasks and responsibilities.

  5. Loyal and trustworthy – Willingness to support the team effort, trusting in oneself and the efforts of others, building morale.

  6. Ability to take and give criticism – To receive and give criticism in effective ways, learn from mistakes and move forward, developed communication skills in speaking and listening.

  7. Resilience – Ability to bounce back, learn from successes and failures, as well as feedback and move to the next hurdle, dropping negative baggage along the way.

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