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Beastmode: Getting my Fondo On

Since I retired from rowing, I have taken on a few new challenges. Specifically, challenges in the endurance department. Last year I did the GranFondo from Vancouver to Whistler for the first time and on Saturday, September 12th I am going to go after it again!

My superstar cycling sister, Leah Guloien, is my idol and coach when it comes to riding (she is pretty awesome all around). She has managed to get me out on the bike a few more times this year and I am feeling stronger. Last year I did 122km in 5:08:43. This year, I am racing myself. My hope is to shave off some time and arrive in the village in under 5 hours!

Participating in events like the GranFondo and SeaWheeze 1/2 marathon have been a great way for me to challenge myself and get out into the athletic community beyond my rowing career. It is therapeutic to maintain the athletic side of my identity beyond a sport career. It is also a family affair if you are a Guloien. I ran SeaWheeze with my youngest sister Marla Guloien and now for the Fondo Leah and her boyfriend Jamie will also be out there. When we get to the village, my mom and dad will be waiting patiently for us and of course Charlie and Arthur will be there too!

Stay tuned on twitter using hashtag #thefondo and look forward to my race report after the big ride!


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