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YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

Guloien Girls Blog Series: Three women, three passions.

Some might call our family a little bit crazy and I have to be honest that at times I think they might be right! With that crazy has come entertainment and success, so I also kind of like it! Bring on the crazy!

A family of three sisters and although we have many similarities, we also have some differences, ie. where we have devoted our passion at times has been different.

Leah has become a successful cyclist and is now parlaying that success into a coaching career. She has a gift of working with athletes and has built up a strong knowledge base with her career as an athlete and a Kinesiology background. Marla (click here to check out her site) has had upwards of 100 celebrities dawn her glamrock studded fashion collection; as well, she is a Communications educated multi talented phenomenon in music, social media, name a few.

We have all strived for unorthadox pathways in life and we can thank our parents for their support, but most importantly their belief. Through my experience, I believe it is of utmost importance to unleash young peoples creativity by encouraging and reminding them that they can reach for whatever heights they choose. #GuloienGirls

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