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Vancouver Events: #GuloienGirls attend Vancouver Canucks Season Opener.

I love to go to hockey games here in Vancouver. I can't say that I know all of the ins and outs of hockey, but I am a sports fan and I love to go to a stadium to cheer for any team that represents our city and our country. Last night was the Vancouver Canucks season opener and although San Jose took the win I am hopeful and excited for a solid upcoming hockey season. It is also always so fun to have a night out with my sister. I am glad she got to have a sport experience in our city before she heads back to L.A.

During the intermission between the 1st and 2nd period a pee wee league rallied on the ice. When one of the little guys scored a goal the buzzer went off the crowd remaining cheered. What a moment for that little guy! That is the kind of stepping stone in a young persons development that ignites the dream if it isn't already! Amazing!

Standing out as a real personality on the hockey scene is Montreal Canadiens player, PK Subban. Not only is he a generous soul, donating $10 million to the children's hospital over the next seven years (read article by Michael Stringer here). On top of being a top notch athlete role model, he is also funny! His impression of Don Cherry is a must see!

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