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Focus on Fitness: Spinning

I often get asked what I like to do for working out now that I no longer spend my days rowing. One of my favourite workouts is spinning or indoor cycling. I am actually in training to teach classes of my own soon!

I love music and I love to get a good sweat in a day and spinning offers both. In Vancouver, my studio of choice is Cadence. I like that there is a community feel at the studio. It is welcoming to all and it is nice that you get familiar with the people you are training with. There are no mirrors (I don't mind them, but it is nice not to have them too) and it is dark, but it is not pitch black. Natasha Lowe not only plays great music, but she is really great at structuring the flow of her class to her music to take you on a physiologically effective ride in 45-90 minutes. Going with a friend makes your workout even more fun, so make it a sweat date. Thank you to my sisters for coming along with me recently. Marla took the photos I used in today's blog!

What you need to know:

- There are different styles. Not only different instructors, but also different studio vibes. If you have tried one, you have not tried them all, so shop around if at first you are not satisfied.

- It is your workout. Do whatever you need to do to to finish the workout. You will get stronger and with time, so if you can't do everything suggested don't worry. You will be able to follow along in no time.

- It is more than just legs and your legs won't get huge if you crank on the tension. In order to stand on the pedals you must engage your core and your heart and lungs will be working all class. Tension is key to getting that ticker going and spinning is great for keeping your legs strong and tone, so turn that dial and challenge yourself!


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