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Throwback Thursdays: Silver Lining

August 2, 2012 was a day and a race like no other I have ever experienced or will ever experience. It holds a special place in my life's journey. It was the pinnacle of my athletic career. One day, one opportunity to lay it all on the line. We trained, practiced, and prepared for anything and everything. It was our preparation that gave us the ability to seize a medal on our day. The Americans took the gold, but we left what we had out there and I cannot be and would never be disappointed with our silver.

Ed Willes from the Ottawa Citizen reported,

"But, before the race, they also met and pledged that if they maintained their trust in each other, if they worked together as a team and if they invested every last joule of energy in the race, they would be satisfied with their performance." (Click here for full article)

He speaks the truth. Trust was a critcal element and key ingredient in our crew's success. For a relatively small crew, finesse and sycronization was where we gained our speed. In order to accomplish this we had to be in sync and to be in sync physically, we needed to be aligned mentally. Over time we built respect and understanding of one another. We didn't always get along perfectly and we weren't all the same person, but we knew how to work together. Allowing each memeber to fill their niche and be themselves allowed for us to flourish. A great point to remember for any team in any field.

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