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Throwback Thursdays: Race Day!

In many ways it was all such a blur. You prepare day in and day out for every minute until you cross the finish line and beyond that is completely unscripted. Everything is fast paced, exciting and unpredictable. It is an amazing time. I remember trying to hang on to the moments as the fleeted by. I knew the speed with which it was all happening was going to make it hard to remember.

My local newspaper was very supportive of me and my athletic journeys. I recall sitting in a car giving an interview to Larry Pruner of the Tri-City News (see full article). One of the most exciting parts of having a successful games is and was sharing it with everyone who watched.

Looking back, the words that I chose then are filled with trepedation and wonder when it came to my next chapter. I knew then that my transition from sport would be challenging.

"As of right now, this is it. There's nothing better," the 32-year-old Guloien told The Tri-City News on her cell phone while heading to CTV's Olympic broadcast studio in London. "I'm still going to work to try to achieve better in life in some way but right now, I'm not really sure how."

Three years later, I have decided that helping others is something that truly motivates me and in doing so I feel my achievements will continue!


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