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The Book: Beyond the Finish Line

I am currently in the process of writing my book. It is still a work in progress, but it is coming along and I am excited for one day soon when it is a finished product and I can share it.

My message or purpose to the book is to help retiring athletes, but I feel that anyone in transition will benefit. Life transitions and/or big life changes give us all similar feelings and struggles along the way. My goal is to break the silence and candidly sharing my struggles. Expect a relatable account of what happens emotionally and physically after your athletic career ends. I will strive to give my reader insight on the journey of chasing a dream, but more notably, perspective on the journey that commences when you retire and begin to navigate in a world beyond.

For anyone who aspires to write a book, perhaps I can share some of my learnings along the way to better help anyone who goes on this adventure. Nothing extremely earth shattering has occurred, but nonetheless I think it could be helpful.

Today's tip: remember to tell the story!

Seems so simple. It can be a challenge when you are writing your story, especially when it is personal. There have been moments when I have felt lost in my storytelling because I was thinking ahead to how my reader would interpret my words. As a writer, you cannot control how your words will ultimately be interpreted. The only thing you can control is how you tell your truth.

I have also romanticized my past to myself. It took my sister Marla spurring me back into reality and reminding me of my struggles along the way. We can use people around us to keep us on point. This applies to life outsdie of writing as well. Family, however yours is defined, is everything.


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