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Women's History Month: Greats Who Impacted Sport History

At nine years old she registered herself in hockey as Ab Hoffman, instead of Abigail in a boys league since there were no girls leagues to play in. In the recently filmed documentary "Play Fair", she comments that she just wanted to play hockey. After making all star status as a younster, her gender was uncovered when she had to hand in her birth certificate and she was cut from the team.

Referred to as the "rebel with a cause", Abby went on to compete in track and field, always pushing limits. She competeted in four Olympic Games and was the first female to carry the flag for Canada at the 1976 Games in Montreal.

An activist and a sport contributor in more ways than competition, she has been made a memer of The Order of Canada.

This is really just a glimse into a phenomenal athlete and supporter of sport, sport administration, as well as human equality and equity in Canada and the world. Read more on this story in an article by Kevin Plummer.

Please watch Play Fair if you havent already. So inspiring and so many great athlete stories!

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