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Women's History Month: Greats Who Impacted Sport History

​She trail blazes within her sport and leads by example. She stands out as a strong competitor in general, not just a strong female competitor. She pushes boudaries and refuses to let the differences between male and female athletes to be labelled as weakness. Just because it is a rule or it hasn’t been done before, does not mean that it can’t be done is one of her mottos. She lives in a world of possibility and credits that to her strong family foundation. I relate to an athlete like Kaille and I am inspired by her story. Learn more about her on her site (click here).

A little bit of history (from Wikipedia):

"In September 2014, the Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing announced that they would allow mixed-gender crews to compete in four-man bobsleigh. On November 1, 2014, Humphries piloted a mixed-gender team to the bronze medal in the Canadian four-man bobsleigh championships, allowing her team to join crews led by Justin Kripps and Chris Spring as official Canadian entries in the on the international circuit.

On November 15, 2014, Humphries and Elana Meyers of the United States became the first women to compete with/against men in an international four-man bobsleigh competition, in the season-opening North American Cup race in Park City, Utah. Humphries piloted her mixed-gender sled to a sixth-place finish and Meyers piloted hers to seventh. Later the same month Humphries and Meyers became the first women to win medals in international four-man bobsleigh competition when they finished second and third in the first of two North American Cup races at the Calgary track."

Kaillie is also featured in the documentary Play Fair, so there is another reason to watch it! (

I feel like this is only just the beginning for Kaillie! Go Canada.


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