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Workout Playlist of the Week!

As you may know, I have been teaching spin at Cadence Vancouver. It has been really awesome to join an athletic community and team.

I not only get to use my athletic background, but I also get to experiment with music. It's a physical, as well as creative exercise and I am really enjoying it.

I would love to share one of my playlists each week with my followers, so here is my first! I have been using the app Deezer to create my playlists. It is a ton of music and you can download playlists to use when your phone is not connected to wifi. I recommend it!

Enjoy my tunes and feel free to share any music recommendations and favorites for my future playlists! Click here for playlist.

Have a great week and remember we achieve performance through the progress achieved while working toward our goals. Scrap the word perfect! It doesn't exist. Progress, not Perfection.

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