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YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

Happy New Year: Time to move on with reflection and imagination.

It seems like time has been flying! Here comes another year. If we choose it can also be a fresh start and or a new chapter.

2016 is significant to me in many ways, but one way in particular. Another Olympic year is before us and it is kind of a trip that this will be the next summer Olympics beyond the summer games that I last competed. It is hard to believe that 4 years has past. It also feels like forever ago.

It will be interesting to watch from the sidelines as a retired Olympian for the first time and I can only imagnine the emotion I will feel. I am sure there will be a whole range of feelings coming my way, but I welcome them gladly. I was in bed with my pups as the clock struck midnight, but I heard all of the hooting, hollering and fireworks and a wave of acceptance and calm rushed over me for the first time in regards to leaving rowing behind and transitioning into a new chapter (I also had a pang of excitement that I will not be hung over on New Years Day!).

2016 will bring my book: "Beyond the Finish Line: What Happens When the Endorphins Fade". That will be an exciting accomplishment, as well as an opportunity for me to share my journey through my transition from rowing and help others through whatever transition they experience. I really do believe it is a shared and universal experience that we can support eachother through. Please feel free to stay tuned, reach out and follow me toward my July/August book launch!

Sport impacted my life's journey and allowed me to shape myself into the person I am today. In 2016 I will help other athletes find that for themselves. Whether that is through working with young athletes, advocating for sport and or leading spin classes, I will be out there sharing my experiences and knowledge with others.

Here comes 2016!

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for reading. I really appreciate your support.

PS. I was back on the bike this week, so here is my playlist of the week! Click here to check it out.

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