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YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

Discover the Inspiring Story of 2x Olympian Krista Guloien Temple's Cancer Battle and the Community Support Behind Her

We are excited to share that our story will be featured on Global News, Thursday July 11th, 2024 at 6:55pm. The show, 'This Is BC with Jay Durant' helps us to shed light on the incredible journey we are on and the community-driven efforts to make a lasting impact.

Our GoFundMe campaign has garnered heartfelt support from people near and far, and we want to extend an invitation for you to join us in this meaningful cause.

This Is BC | Featuring Krista Guloien Temple | Project 125
This Is BC | Featuring Krista Guloien Temple | Project 125

Check out our list of local events and ways you can help.

SFU Rowing and Rowing BC | Krista Guloien Temple

Support Krista this Weekend at the BC Provincial Championships Regatta

This weekend promises to be an exhilarating experience at the BC Provincial Championships Regatta. As we gather to celebrate the spirit of competition and athleticism, we also have a special opportunity to support one of our own – Krista.

You can make a significant impact by visiting the SFU Rowing Concessions booth, where partial proceeds will go towards supporting Krista. Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat, refreshing yourself with a drink, or indulging in some delicious snacks, your purchase will directly contribute to Krista's cause.

In addition to enjoying the regatta and savoring treats from the concession stand, we invite you to make a donation to Krista’s GoFundMe campaign. Every contribution, no matter the size, will help provide the resources Krista needs to continue her journey. Your generosity and support can make a real difference in her life, helping her achieve her goals and overcome any challenges she may face.

Join us this weekend in not only cheering on the amazing athletes at the regatta but also in showing our heartfelt support for Krista. Together, we can turn our passion for rowing into a powerful force for good. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Konquer Eagle | Leah Guloien and Krista Guloien Temple

Konquer Eagle With Leah Guloien

Prepare for an exhilarating and meaningful journey as we embark on a fun and challenging ride on Eagle Mountain. This event is more than just an adventurous trek; it is inspired by the incredible strength and determination of my sister, Krista Guloien, who is currently fighting metastatic breast cancer. Krista's courage and resilience are the driving forces behind this ride, symbolizing the uphill battles she faces every day.

Eagle Mountain offers a blend of demanding trails and breathtaking scenery, perfect for both seasoned cyclists and adventurous newcomers. As we navigate the twists and turns of this remarkable landscape, we ride with a purpose – to honor Krista’s fight and to raise awareness and support for those battling metastatic breast cancer.

This ride is not just about the physical challenge; it’s also a tribute to Krista's unwavering spirit and a way for our community to come together in solidarity. Every pedal stroke represents a step towards hope and a commitment to supporting Krista and others facing similar battles.

Join us for this inspiring event, where every participant rides with heart, inspired by Krista's journey. Whether you are a cyclist, a supporter, or someone who simply believes in this cause, your presence and participation mean the world. Let’s show Krista that she does not fight alone and that we are all riding alongside her on this path.

Together, we can turn this ride into a powerful message of hope, resilience, and community support. Thank you for joining us on Eagle Mountain and for being a part of something truly special.

Feel free to personalize it further with additional details about the event or Krista’s story.

Book Your Mini Family Photoshoot \ Krista Guloien Temple

Book Your Mini Family Photoshoot – All Proceeds Benefit Krista Guloien Temple’s Cause

Capture precious memories with your loved ones while making a meaningful difference by booking your mini family photoshoot with us. This special event is not just about creating beautiful photos; it’s also about supporting a cause close to our hearts – aiding Krista Guloien Temple in her courageous battle against metastatic breast cancer.

By participating in this heartfelt initiative, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented photographer who will provide you with stunning family portraits that you can cherish forever. Whether you want to capture your children’s joyful expressions, a tender moment with your partner, or the entire family together, our mini photoshoot sessions are designed to create lasting memories.

Every dollar raised from these photoshoots will go directly to Krista’s cause, helping to cover medical expenses, provide necessary support, and ensure she has the resources she needs during this challenging time. Your contribution, paired with a beautiful set of photographs, will make a significant impact and show Krista that she has a strong community standing by her side.

Book Your Soccer Workshop | PMSC | Krista Guloien Temple

Join Us for an Exciting Skills and Drills Soccer Workshop Led by Soccer Pro Srdjan Djekanović – All Proceeds to Support Krista Guloien Temple’s GoFundMe

Are you ready to elevate your soccer skills while making a positive impact? Join us for an exhilarating Skills and Drills Soccer Workshop, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn from soccer professional Srdjan Djekanović. This special event not only aims to develop your soccer prowess but also supports a deeply meaningful cause – all proceeds will go to 2x Olympian Krista Guloien Temple’s GoFundMe campaign, aiding her courageous battle against metastatic breast cancer.

Srdjan Djekanović, renowned for his stellar career and passion for the game, brings extensive experience and expertise to this workshop. His dedication to fostering soccer talent, coupled with his journey through professional leagues, makes this an invaluable experience for players at all levels.

Learn more about Project 125 | Krista Guloien Temple

Join Us for Our Standout Event: Project 125 – Matt’s Epic 125 Km Run from Vancouver to Whistler, B.C.

We are thrilled to announce our standout event, an extraordinary event called Project 125. This monumental undertaking features Matt Christopherson, an inspiring athlete with boundless determination, running an incredible 125 kilometers from Vancouver to Whistler. This event is not just about the physical feat; it’s about shining a spotlight on our story and kick-starting the legacy project aimed at supporting future athletes who face adversities.

About Project 125:

Project 125 is more than just a run; it’s a testament to resilience, strength, and community spirit. As Matt navigates the scenic yet demanding route from the bustling cityscape of Vancouver to the majestic mountains of Whistler, each kilometer he covers symbolizes a step towards raising awareness and support for athletes who encounter significant challenges.

Why Project 125 Matters:

Project 125 is a unique blend of endurance sport and humanitarian effort. Matt’s run is a powerful metaphor for overcoming difficult terrains and reaching incredible heights, just as many athletes strive to do in their personal and professional lives. This event not only showcases human potential and solidarity but also lays the groundwork for a project that will provide ongoing support to those who face hardships while pursuing their athletic dreams.

Join us in making Project 125 a milestone of inspiration and support. Together, we can create a legacy of care and empowerment, ensuring that no athlete faces their adversity alone.

Join Us For The Fundraising Dinner With Us On September 7th, 2024 in Whistler!

Join Our Fundraiser Dinner | Project 125 | Krista Guloien Temple

Join Our Fundraiser Dinner | Project 125 | Krista Guloien Temple


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