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YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

Homemade Over Boxed

I've known for a while that boxed food and processed food is terrible for you. Nothing new and innovative here. This is just a reminder or maybe an invitation to branch away from the convenience of ANY box on the shelf for at home ingredients vetted by you! Homemade over boxed any day.

Recently, it was my little princess's birthday and as per her request, I made this yummy cake from Pinterest
Credit to Creations by Kara

It was delicious- this was the first time I tried making the cakes the night before and I froze them as baker suggested. It traps in the moisture. You could double the batch and save them for a rainy day too ;) One thing I might try next time for the icing is melted chocolate versus cocoa powder....that's the way my grandma Margaret used to do it. She loved to cook with butter too ;)

3 for $5 is what the boxed cake costs at Walmart. I had many of those cakes in my day, too many for a lifetime as I see it now.

Cake collage
My cake versus cake by the box.

Just look and take note of the ingredients. Additives to make it taste smooth and to mix and to last basically forever. These types of concoctions or experiments on the population for convenience is not good for us or our families!

Simple is best.

Organic flour

Organic sugar

Unsweetened cocoa powder

Baking powder / soda

Celtic salt

Grass fed milk

Avocado oil

Farm fresh eggs

Vanilla extract

Boiling water

A little love and voila. A celebratory treat minus the bull sh*t.

Happy baking.


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