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Upgrade Your Hydration Experience with Electrolysed Reduced Water

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All About Kangen Water Blog Post

Upgrade Your Hydration Experience with Electrolysed Reduced Water

Have you ever heard of hydrogen-rich water or electrolysed reduced/ionized water?

While you may already filter the water you consume at home and work, you may not know much about the fascinating science behind these types of water.

Check out this water demo to learn more.

Personally, I can't live without my ERW machine, which is currently undergoing its prescribed annual deep clean. I miss the light, crisp taste of ERW water, which makes me feel hydrated instead of bloated, and I believe that hydration is key to good health. Unfortunately, most people are chronically dehydrated, which can lead to a host of health problems.

If you're still drinking bottled water, it's time to stop! Bottled water can contain harmful micro-plastics and endocrine disruptors that can be detrimental to your health.

I call them my water babies. I love to fill a gallon and get it in during the day.
Hydrogen Bliss

Why pay for contaminated water when you can invest in the best?

I'd love to share some great resources with you to help you learn more about the science behind ERW water. If you're interested, simply comment "WATER INFO" and I'll send you a PDF document with all the information you need.

Upgrade your hydration game today and start feeling the difference!

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