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About Krista

She's a two-time Olympian who's passionate about promoting health, wealth, and sustainability. 

Krista: Resilient and Accomplished 

Krista is widely recognized for her hard work, consistency, and her innate sense of "boat feel." She became a respected team leader due to her ability to push and motivate people simultaneously. Her dedication and unwavering commitment paid off in August 2012 when she won a silver medal for Canada in the women's eight competition. Krista's exceptional achievements in rowing at the national level, World Cup Regattas, World Championships, and the Olympic Games, rank her as one of the greatest female rowers in Canadian history.

Krista's Journey to Becoming an Olympic Rower

In 2022, Krista was diagnosed with breast cancer, which put her resilience to the test. However, thanks to modern medicine, natural methods, and her warrior spirit, she was able to fight and overcome the disease. Today, she is grateful to be cancer-free and living her life to the fullest.


Krista: Passion for Rowing

Krista's passion for rowing began when she joined a learn-to-row program at Simon Fraser University in 2001. Inspired by great Canadian rowers like Silken Laumann and Marnie McBean, Krista was determined to compete in the Olympics one day. She quickly rose through the ranks and after completing her studies at SFU, she joined the National Team in Ontario. In 2008, Krista competed in her first Olympics, an impressive accomplishment that showcased her meteoric rise in the sport.

Krista: A Role Model for Young Athletes

Krista is an outstanding example for young athletes, dedicating countless hours to educate, coach, and mentor them. In addition to her coaching, she generously donates her time to several community events and charitable causes. Krista has recently joined an organization called Her Time. An anti-gang initiative focusing on females entangled in the gang lifestyle and provides them with information on the dangers and effects of gangs in girls. Women are provided with access to resources and exiting tools.

Meet Krista Temple

Krista Temple nee Guloien is a world-class athlete who achieved the pinnacle of athletic achievement by winning a silver medal in women’s rowing at the 2012 Olympics.
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