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Catching Up & Re-Introducing/ Introducing Myself - Krista Temple

Hey! Thank you for being here. If you’re new, you might be wondering who the heck I am and what I am up to!

RYU Photoshoot - Olympic Days
RYU Photoshoot

My name is Krista Temple and I have 2 little ones with my husband Dave. We live in North Vancouver, BC. We also have two french bulldogs in our family – they are actually how Dave and I met!

My family.
My Family.

I spent my 20s chasing the Olympic dream. My sport was rowing and I was fortunate to compete in not only one, but two Olympic Games, bringing a silver medal home with my teammates in 2012.

My journey “beyond the finish line” has been nothing short of wild. Retiring from sport in 2013, married in 2016, first baby in 2017, second in 2019, and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. April 13th to be exact.

I am still in hormone treatment and today I am still waiting to have reconstructive surgery. In summary, Cancer sucks!

What do I do for for work? I was always looking for a way to stay home with my kids and I have tried all the things and continue to grow and learn. To me, the online space is where it is at for the SAHM, or anyone who wants time and financial freedom.

Kangen Water
Kangen Water

The HOW: Water! It has become a passion and my medical grade water ionizer is my obsession. The community, the product and the compensation are no comparison to other opportunities out there.

If you are at all intrigued, I have a zero commit web-class to help you learn more.

I also love Arbonne. Clean beauty is my jam. DID YOU KNOW? Most current store bought beauty brands are ridden with toxic ingredients, including endocrine disruptors. This information is very important to know if you have a hormone driven cancer, like my breast cancer type, but everyone should limit endocrine disrupting ingredients. It's not to drive fear, but to prevent people from consuming products that aren't good for their health unknowingly.

Last, but not least! I post a lot about youth and youth in sport. I love to work with this community and I have a position helping coordinate a local program called Her Time - a unique approach to empowering and educating young women.


Follow the wild ride and more water education MOSTLY on my Instagram, but I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Take care, see you around and don't forget to stay hydrated,


PS. Email me at and I will send you my FREE Water E-Book!



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