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YOU can make a difference in Krista's journey towards recovery.

SeaWheeze 2015


It was last year that I participated in a cheer station for the SeaWheeze participants and although I have never been a runner, I got the idea that I wanted to be on the other side of the cheer station. A year later and I missed the boat on the training (not a rowing pun I swear), but I still got my bum up and out the door and ran this sucker!

If you are wondering how I did it, I can try to break it down. For starters, having had an Olympic career my fitness base although not Olympic primo is still there and helping me along. I also still workout minimum three times per week doing functional movement workouts and spin classes. Finally, after only ever running 10km twice in my life I decided to hit up some distance on the Monday before the Satuday event. Running 15km broke a mental and physical barrier. Although I could not walk until Friday, I knew that my body was capable of the distance. On the morning of I woke up at 4:45 am and I did 20 minutes on the bike in my building's gym and I did some stretching and rubbed tiger balm on my knees and quads. These were tricks I took from my rowing days and I think they made a big difference.

My youngest sister and I took on the challenge together and I am so glad we did. It ended up being a real bonding experience and a whole lot of fun. Being a fashion designer, her morning approach was slightly different. When I came back from my warm up, she was in full make-up with her hair done and ready for many a selfie and periscoping with people all over the world. We brought different strengths to the table, but we supported each other and motivated one another to do our best and have fun. My biggest lesson is to have fun and take the pressure off! I am still an Olympian and I am still capable of more than I am even aware. The tickle trunk of tricks for both prepartion and mental tenacity will always be with me. In this phase beyone my sport career it is time to have fun and push myself out of my comfort zone. The SeaWheeze Half Marathon did that, but more importantly it reminded me that I could do it anywhere in my life.

I am going to sign up again and having run 2:14.47 with little to no training, I have new perspective and visions of training and breaking 2:00.00! Check out this recap and tell me that you don't feel like joining the too!

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